Boston, March 6, 1770.
Four unarmed civilians have been killed and eight more wounded by the King's soldiers.
Acting Governor Thomas Hutchinson is presented with a stark choice -
Remove the troops and give in to the mob's demands or face another night of bloodshed.

Many know the story of the Boston Massacre, but few know of the events that took place the day after, on March 6, 1770. Blood on the Snow is a new play by Patrick Gabridge, set and staged in the Council Chamber of the Old State House. Almost 250 years ago, in that very room, the leaders of Boston struggled to heal their town and unwittingly placed Massachusetts on the road to revolution.

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This world premiere production is a part of the Bostonian Society's pioneering program to bring the story of the Old State House to life through live drama. For more information about this project, please contact Nathaniel Sheidley, Historian and Director of Public History at (617) 720-1713 ext. 29 or by email.

What people are saying...

  • A powerful melding of past and present, reality and theater.
    — Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review
  • Stirring...powerfully alive with the intensity of perilous, life and death decision.
    — Kilian Melloy, Edge Media Network
  • An opportunity to be virtually present while history is being made.
    — Nancy Grossman, Broadway World
  • Boston's answer to Hamilton.
    — Audience Member